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10 Must-Know Techniques for Breathtaking Embroidery Results

  • By FabCouture
  • •  Jan 31, 2023

Embroidery is a beautiful artwork and hobby of many individuals. Embroidered dresses are very popular in the fashion world. A lot of embroidery lovers know that it takes a longer time to create embroidery work. Although, there are some factors to improve your skills. What are these factors? This can be a good read for you to improve the quality of embroidery at your small workshop. Here are 10 factors that improve the quality of your embroidery work:

10 Factors That Will Improve The Quality Of Embroidery

Taking Fabric Into Consideration

Before you jump into your next embroidery project, you can use this tip as a check-off list before starting again. Before you start doing embroidery work, make sure that you are using the right fabric for your embroidered fabrics because every embroidery work cannot be done on the same fabric. So, consider this tip while going for the next embroidery project.

Get Your Backing Paper In Order

The backing paper is crucial for your embroidery work and you should keep trying out the different thicknesses of the backing paper to get the best back support. It can be a game changer for your embroidery work and especially if you are new in the embroidery business.

Use The Best Needles You Can

Having the right tool can make your job easier and faster and needles should be chosen carefully to have classic embroidered fabrics work. A high-quality needle will help you to do embroidery work much easier and save you time and improve the quality of work. It is special when you do fine embroidery work and you will get a better response and less frustration with high-quality needles for your embroidered silk fabric work.

Keep your Instructions Manual Close

Even if you are a pro, keeping a manual guide close to you won't hurt you and will help you in your embroidery work. Few embroidery works are a bit tricky and having a manual by side can be of great help by your side. So, make sure to use it and there is no harm in it.

Use Reliable Threads

There is another tip for you to use better-quality thread with less frustration. When you use quality threads, you have a lesser chance of breaking them down and stopping you from embroidery work. Additionally, the quality threads have a better color quality which maintains the beauty of the fabric in the long run. It will also keep the fabric color vibrant and stunning while washing and wearing the outfit again.

Be Open To Digital Tools

With most things in life, digital tools can be an effective way to make your job a lot easier. Even with embroidery work, there are lots of digital tools that can make your work easier. When you are replicating a digital design to your fabric, these tools can be highly supportive of your work and can even give better quality at the same time.

Try Out Embroidery Machines

Embroidery can be done beautifully by hand and it is the traditional method of doing embroidery work. But these days you can use machine embroidery for complicated designs and it can help you a lot. These days people don't have much time for handmade embroidery and they want everything in a short time due to their busy schedules. So, check this out and you can take your embroidery work to next level, especially for complicated embroidery work.

Getting The Upper Thread Tension Right

This is very important for you when you are starting a new embroidery project. The tension of the thread will ensure that you are creating beautiful embroidery designs. If you go wrong with it, it can lead to breaks in the threads and can ruin your project. 

Setting The Tension On Your Lower Thread

Much similar to the upper thread, the lower thread tension also plays a crucial role in helping you do the right job. If you do this wrongly, too much tension on the lower thread can push the design you are doing and too less tension will also create displeasing loops on the fabric.

Setting The Tension While Framing Your Design

In the same way, as upper tension and lower tension, the tension while framing is equally important to start a new project. This will ensure that your design has all the details you intend to put into it and looks as good as you put effort into it.


These ten factors are crucial for your excellent embroidery work and you should pay attention to these tips to ensure quality embroidery work for your client. If you are a beginner, try to understand these factors for a better understanding of the embroidery work for getting the best income out of your embroidery business.

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