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A Button for Every Occasion: The Different Types of Buttons and How to Use Them

  • By FabCouture
  • •  Jan 30, 2023

We all know that button is the primary need for a readymade garment like pants, shirt, or jacket. Several buttons are used for decorating, privacy and snap closure, etc. There are many new types of buttons are introduced in the textile market. Each category has some special use and features different looks. Since every button is crucial and has a special place for your outfits. Let's know them:

Hand-Embroidered Buttons

Hand-embroidered buttons are so adorable that you will in love with them. Give your shirt, coat, Kurti, and other dress a crafty update with amazing hand-embroidered buttons. These handmade embroidered buttons can be stitched to any fabric to give perfect finishing. These buttons are popular for their unique style and design.

Flat Buttons

These are the most common button types in the market. From the name itself, the surface of this kind of button is flat and sits perfectly without leaving any kind of gaps on the edges. It primarily comes in a single color like black, white, green, and so on. They are available in the market in different types of sizes and applied according to the outfit's needs. For an appealing look, you should use big sizes and multicolored buttons that will work great if you want the buttons to work as decorative items.

Lapel Buttons

Lapel buttons are decorative fabric buttons in nature and are often used in tuxedos suits for women’s wear. They are available in a wide range of styles, colors, designs, and stones. You can easily put them on the collar, cuffs and at the back of a gown, and over the breast pocket. Since the button come with encrusted stones, they should be handled carefully.


Shanks are often correlated with the flat buttons but the only difference is the holes. In shanks, the holes are hidden under the hollow protrusion, ensuring that you can use these kinds of accessories in different clothing pieces. Most shanks are made from high-quality material to prevent the deformation of your hollow protrusion.

Buttons With Stone

Modern outfits are so unique and sometimes need the best artistry look. Buttons with stone can complement the look of your special attire and can make you the center of attraction among the viewers. These metallic base stone buttons can uplift the style and simplicity of any garments you want. You can use them for cuffs, collars, shirts, Kurtis, salwar suits, and lots more. 

Snap Buttons

These buttons are generally used in jeans and widely used for the security of your body frame and come in different parts. The one used at the bottom will fix the clothing part and will sit against the skin. In another part, a central protrusion can sit over the depression and lock the buttons in place. They are available in different sizes and you can use the perfect button according to your purpose.

Fabric buttons

These buttons are often used for decorative purposes and can make any simple fabric looks elegant and unique. A flat button or snap button is covered with thread or fabric. To match the button with the cloth, the often fabric is being cut and covered over the buttons. They are available in a wide range of beautiful clothes and are often known as buttons for ladies' dresses. 

Glass Buttons

This is one of the best buttons used in garment manufacturing. They are often made from fiberglass or acrylic glass that imparts beauty and looks like real glass buttons. You should carefully choose this button as small scratches or abrasions can lose shine due to it. Sometimes resin is used to enhance the beauty of these buttons.

Metal Buttons

Metal buttons can be used with heavy-duty clothes like denim jeans, jackets, trousers, etc. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and last for a long time. You can find simple flat buttons from metal and also engraved with different designs and figures.

Press Buttons

Press buttons are easy-to-use button fasteners and are usually used in kids' garments and dresses and also on the backs of adults. No fumbling with buttons to prevent them out of button holes. These are sew-on buttons when you want to attach them to any fabric or vinyl or leather. These snaps are often used for garments, furniture made of plastic raincoats, pool covers, and lawn furniture. 

They are made of brass and nickel plated which is painted. Mostly these snap studs come in silver color but you get them in all the colors which are usually painted. This button consists of two parts out of which one part is female and one is male. You need to ensure that the buttons are used properly and attached right But it can be a problem if they are too tight and become difficult to open it. 


Buttons were made to make your clothes comfortable and easy to use and nowadays, decorative buttons are used for making your outfit beautifully. Now, you have the freedom to make your outfit outstanding just with some appealing buttons as per outfit. Although, there are lots of other buttons which are made for assistance to the fabric and are widely used and discussed above in the article. You have the freedom to choose colorful buttons to make your outfit look beautiful.

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