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Exploring the Rising Popularity of Schiffli Craft

  • By FabCouture
  • •  Jul 10, 2023

If you're still caught up in lace, glittery designs, and cross stitches this summer, it's time to update you! Brace yourself for the latest trend that has replaced all those dazzling embellishments. Enter Schiffli fashion, making a strong comeback with a modern twist. This vintage technique is now being used on a wide range of fashion items, from dresses and suits to tops and pants, offering an intricate and elegant style that adds a transparent touch. 

The versatility of Schiffli knows no bounds, as it can be incorporated in countless forms. We can now witness the utilization of Schiffli craftwork on dress hemlines, tunics, and suits to introduce a touch of flair, or to enhance the elegance of evening gowns by embellishing them in Schiffli patterns. The market is flooded with an abundance of new styles and designs, offering Schiffli capes and shrugs that will surely captivate your sense of style.

Blue Schiffli Embroidered Cotton Top

If you believe that the exquisite cutwork Schiffli is only suitable for bandhgalas, we must intervene and inform you that a jacket embellished with Schiffli art can give you a cool and aesthetic look in one go. While Schiffli works exceptionally well for evening wear, you can effortlessly incorporate this trend into your casual summer outfits to feel relaxed and comfortable during your summer vacations.

Cotton Schiffli Embroidered A-Line Kurta

Colors to Choose for Schiffli Craft

Fashion's essence lies in its ability to be innovative and distinctive each day. When choosing a simple design, feel free to explore various color combinations. Experiment with contrasting colors and diverse fabrics beneath the Schiffli garment to accentuate the design. You can even venture into the realm of monochrome magic, as it consistently delivers captivating results. The shimmering shades of dusted copper, gold, and silver never fail to make a strong impression.

A valuable recommendation is to avoid flashy shades and opt for delicate pastels instead, as it enhances the overall beauty. The influence of Schiffli is not limited to clothing alone; you can also observe its prominent presence in accessories such as clutches or bracelets, transforming your look into a stylish statement!

Tips to Follow

Listen closely and take note: it is absolutely crucial to never, under any circumstances, wear contrasting lingerie. Save it for special occasions, as it can make your outfit appear cheap and desperate for attention. Instead, always opt for nude-colored or neutral-toned innerwear when wearing Schiffli, as it will ensure a seamless and sophisticated look.

We comprehend your affection for intricately crafted jewelry and similar accessories, but refrain from pairing them with your sheer outfit, as they may divert attention away from your ensemble.

Fabcouture is your go-to destination for an extensive range of embroidered Schiffli fabrics at very affordable prices. Embrace this timeless trend and experience the elegance and charm it brings to your wardrobe.

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