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Let’s Talk About Satin

  • By FabCouture
  • •  Aug 14, 2021

FabCouture is India’s 1st online fabric selling platform and is proud to have almost all kind of fabric categories on board. It also boasts of providing you customized fabric digital prints and embroideries as per your choice. Here, in a series of blogs, FabCouture would introduce you to all the available fabric categories available at the portal.

Lets start with satin. Satin is a kind of weave which can be achieved with various kind of yarns. This weave is characteristic of a glossy top and a dull bottom. As such, satin is made in a variety of yarns like silk, polyester, linen blend, viscose blend and all.

It is considered to be the fabric with the richest texture and is loved by one and all. It is the most preferred choice for a bridal gown in close proximity to taffeta and it is also used for making items such as night wear, gowns, lingerie, tops, blouses, sarees along with accessories such as hair ties, scrunchies, and boxer shorts and neckties. Ballet pointe shoes are also made in satin. Satin has a big presence In the upholstery fabric as well and is commonly used for bes sheets and furnishing fabrics.

Just looking at the variety of forms that satin can be used it, you would be sure that there would be a variety of satin to combat each use. Traditionally, there have been satin like the charmeuse, duchess, sultan and barnette satins. Now, with textiles finding out new ways and, we have a whle new range of satins available in various blends.

Lets have a look at what FabCouture has to offer.

1. Shamo satin : It is the pure silk satin with the yarn used being pure silk and it is available in 60gsm as well as 80 and 100 gsm. The 60gsm is excellent for sarees and flowy drapes and the heavier gsm are good for blouses, gowns and kurtas.
2. Japan Satin: It is dyeable and the yarn used is from Japan as the name suggests and is a god substitute for pure silk satin if you do not wish to spend heavily.
3. Modal Satin: It is on the modal yarn and is excellent for summers as it is highly breathable and glossy. It picks all colors beautifully and can be shibori dyed as well.
4. Polyester Satin: It is used mainly as an underlining for dresses to add sheen to them. It is also good for making petticoats to sarees or adding details to the outfits.
5. Linen Satin: It is a blend with linen and has the feel of linen and the shine of satin.
6. Satin Georgette: It has the gloss of satin but the flow and thinness of georgette.
7. Marina Satin: It is heaviest form of polyester satin available and can be used for making any kind of dresses like gowns, skater and shift dresses and skirts and blouses, tops as well.

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