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What Fabric Works Best For Those Rainy Days?

  • By FabCouture
  • •  Sep 17, 2023

Everyone must have felt that earth scent in the mud on those rainy days feels so green and fresh. But what about the moments when we don’t have an umbrella or are drenched from passing cars? After all, drenched sounds are only good in movies. You must be missing those fried pakoras and cups of chai for a moment. 

We can help you plan your rainy day well with the right fabric for those rainy days.

Fabrics Suitable For The Rainy Season


Are you also one of those who are not getting an idea about what to wear to face gloomy weather outside? Cotton is an absorbent fabric that goes well in the rainy season and can be one of your perfect monsoon fabrics. They are not lightweight but also can prove best fit for the humid climate due to their cooling effect to allow air in and out while keeping your skin dry. We have a wide range of cotton fabrics that will suit best according to your personality and will also support you best during the rainy season.


You might be thinking that Denim is an uncomfortable option for those rainy days and it will worsen when it gets wet and takes a long time to dry. But denim with a cotton blend can prove to be a breather this season. Besides its heavy texture, you can enjoy denim fabric-made dresses with a smile on your face without any worries. 


If you are looking for fuss-free monsoon fabric, khadi is here to rescue you. Natural khadi dries off easily and stays uncrumpled and in place to help you look chic and polished. Also, the stains washed off quickly from this fabric. Pair up khadi with shorter lengths to avoid getting your bottoms mud and dirt. 

Cotton blend Rayon

Cotton works well in monsoon but you can add a cotton blend to your wardrobe this season. Rayon fabric is a perfect cotton blend because it is not only breathable and airy but also has a little sheen to look dressier than regular cotton. It easily absorbs moisture without trapping any kind of heat in the body. The best part about rayon is that it prevents extreme sweating during humid weather. 

Crepe Blend

The crepe blend is another monsoon fabric that dries off quickly. The fabric is thin and does not stick to the skin and is also translucent. This monsoon season, try this crepe blended fabric and feel the change and share it with your family and friends.

Crepe Satin Lycra

One of the most elegant fabrics that you will find is lycra because it is equally chic and comfortable for you. Due to the elasticity of the lycra and the shine of the satin, this fabric can be a good choice for stepping out in the rain. Crepe has a quality of quickly drying in the air making it an ideal choice this monsoon season. 

Decision time

In conclusion, whether you love or loathe the rainy season, the need to step out persists. If you share my rain-appreciation, consider these fabrics to elevate your style even on wet days. Notably, Fabcouture, an online fabric store, offers top-quality fabrics at budget-friendly prices. So, this monsoon, embrace the rain in style with Fabcouture's exquisite collection, making fashion both rain-ready and affordable. Enjoy the season with Fabcouture!

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