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What Is Lace Fabric | Types Of Lace Fabric?

  • By FabCouture
  • •  Feb 16, 2023

What is Lace Fabric?

Lace is a delicate fabric that textile producers can manufacture using a different range of techniques. Lace is a plain fabric that is embellished with weaves, zari work, pearls, and other impactful lace designs. It varies significantly in complexity to decorate garments, homewares, and upholstery and it is rarely used to make entire textile products. 

Lace usually consists of linen or silk threads and textile artisans even made the fabric using silver or gold threads. In contemporary styles, cotton lace was much popular and now synthetic threads made lace is also popular. 

History of Lace Fabric

There are lots of debate happened on the origin of lace work. Ancient Egyptian burial garb often featured ornamental fabric work and fabrics similar to lace were popular during the middle east before the renaissance. In the 15th century, genuine lace work was seen in both Italian and flemish paintings so lace scholars have a conception that the lace work started in these two countries. There is a possibility that different laces might have different originating countries. . Bobbin lace appears to be a fabric of flemish heritage and needle lace started in Italy. In the 16th century, lace work become a popular fabric throughout Europe and it appeared more commonly in paintings. 

Different Types of Laces

Chantilly Lace

This delicate and beautiful lace has fine floral designs embroidered with silk threads on the net background. The color of the silk thread is often black but nowadays, different colors are used to embellish the lace work. The mesh on which the lace is used is very delicate and makes the designs stand out. The scalloped edges of this fabric make the edges look more beautiful and you can recognize this lace by the frayed edges on the scallops. Chantilly lace is also known as Gallon lace. Chantilly lace trims are also used for making undergarments, nightwear, and other garments. When you will see this lace, you will find flowers and branches in its design.

Cutwork lace

In Cut-work lace, the manufacturer's holes are cut into the basic fabric of the textile and then reinforces with needlework. This type of reasoning is easy to make and cutwork production is often automated. 

Net Lace

Net laces are used to decorate garments, curtains, and some other wide range of products. Net lace is used for a variety of products such as curtains, garments, pillowcases, quilts, and many 

Bobbin Lace

To create Bobbin lace, textile manufacturers have to load around 20 different bobbins. They feed these bobbins onto a pillow attached to a spindle and form desired lace pattern on the pillow using pins. The first automated lace-making machine followed the bobbin lace method and after this, it is produced with a similar process.

Needle Lace

Needle lace is incredibly time-consuming and predates bobbin lace. The textile manufacturer makes needle lace by fixing guiding threads to a stiff background and filling the desired pattern with tiny stitches. While modern needle lace technique can approximate the lace with reasonable fidelity and there is no substitute for this handmade type of fabric.

Chemical Lace

This lace is a bit different and made by the manufacturer by embroidering a pattern on the fabric which is not resistant to caustic chemicals. Lace is bathed in chemicals till the base of the fabric dissolves leaving the pattern intact. It is easier to stitch chemical lace as compared to needle lace or bobbin lace.

Where is lace fabric produced?

China produces most of textiles than any other country. It is the leading country for lace manufacturing and holds the world’s most prolific producer of lace. Although China creates so many types of laces this is not the origin of this country and Europe is a prodigious lace manufacturer. Certain factories in France and Netherlands are making laces for centuries. Italy is a notable manufacturer of lace. American factories also produce beautiful and appealing laces in small quantities.


Lace is a delicate piece of fabric that is used to embellish garments. There are whole lots of laces are available in the market from simple plain lace to well-embroidered laces. Zari work and golden thread work have given lots of appreciation to the lace manufacturer and these laces are used to embrace lehenga, sarees, and salwar suits. Make your fabric appealing with lace work.

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