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White Colour Cambric block Printed Fabric

Block Print Fabrics

Block printing is a method of printing textiles by stamping ink-dipped blocks made from linoleum or wood onto fabric. This is one of the easiest ways of creating fabric at home. Block printing engraves a design on the material known as block inking design and then uses the block as a stamp on the fabric. it includes lino prints, linocuts, rubber stamping, and woodblock prints. It is a method to print your design, it is fully customizable and can create consistent design multiple times. Although, this technique is used for a variety of fabrics cotton or cotton linen is the best fabric for this technique.

You have to be careful while drying the washed fabric and prevent it to dry in direct sunlight because the fabric color can fade or discolor much faster. There are 3 important tips for you regarding block printing such as get into the zone, don't start with a blank slate, and design in terms of shape rather than lines. There are different block printing techniques such as offset litho printing, screen printing, and digital printing. Block printing is used for making block print sarees, print bed sheets, and block print dupattas among others.

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