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SCF-84, Urban Estate -2, 125001 Hisar IN
SCF-84, Urban Estate -2, Hisar, IN
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Blue Color Khemkhab Brocade Fabric
White Color Khemkhab Fabric
26% OFF
Grey Color Brocade(1.60 meter piece)
23% OFF
Red Color Brocade fabric
Green Color Brocade fabric
White Color Brocade fabric
Maroon Color Brocade fabric
Purple Color Brocade fabric
Wine Color Brocade fabric
Majenta Color Brocade fabric
28% OFF
Orange Color Brocade Booti fabric
21% OFF
Green Color Brocade Booti(2 meter piece)
25% OFF
PeachKimkhab Brocade( 1 mtr piece )
26% OFF
White Dyeable Dola Silk Jacquard fabric
Dyeable Dola Silk Jacquard fabric
Orange Color Silk Jacquard fabric
22% OFF


It’s raining brocades for a while now, you think? Well, they are here to stay definitely because of their uniqueness. Over the years, we have seen so many fabrics in the fashion industry and some are considered evergreen for many reasons and brocades, especially, can never go out of style!


They are raw, ethnic, patterned fabric which look great in any outfit. Going for bold colours or simple colours is a choice one has to make depending on the style and personality. Once you’re sure about what suits you the best, experimenting is not so hard at all, we promise.

That being said, have you considered fusion fashion using brocades? If it’s a no, now is the time to get going! If you’re unsure, we’re here for all your queries, ladies! Contact us now.