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Multi Poly Dupion Embroidered Fabric (60 CM Piece)
29% OFF
Mal Chanderi Embroidered Booti Fabric (1.10Meter Piece)
6% OFF
White Color Net Booti fabric (1.75Meter Piece)
6% OFF
Lemon Color Georgette Thread With Sequins Embroidered Fabric (1.80Meter Piece)
4% OFF
Pink Color Cotton Thread Lakhnavi Embroidered Fabric (1.20Meter Piece)
4% OFF
Dyeable Cotton Schiffli Embroidered Fabric (1.70Meter Piece)
4% OFF
Dyeable Georgette Embroidered Fabric(1.30 Meter Piece)
12% OFF
Dyeable Net Cutwork Embroidered Fabric(1.25 Meter Piece)
6% OFF
Sage Green Color Georgette Sequins Embroidered Fabric (1.90Meter Piece)
15% OFF
Yellow Color Upada Embroidered Fabric (70 Cm Piece)
31% OFF
Multi Color Chinon Chiffon Embroidered Fabric
30% OFF
Navy Blue Color Poly Dupion Embroidered Fabric (1 Meter Piece)
33% OFF
Beige Color Net Embroidered Fabric (1.20 Meter Piece)
18% OFF
Peach Color Poly Dupion Embroidered Fabric (1 Meter Piece)
14% OFF
Pink Color Poly Dupion Embroidered Fabric (1.30 Meter Piece)
7% OFF
Black Color Velvet Embroidered Fabric
11% OFF

Embroidered Fabrics

Elevate your creations with Fabcouture's exquisite collection of Designer Embroidered Fabrics, each a reflection of India's rich and vibrant heritage. Our skilled weavers from across the country have poured their craftsmanship and heart into these fabrics, ensuring you get the very best.

Indulge in the artistry of these embroidered patterns that are not just materials but stories woven with skill and dedication. These fabrics, starting at just ₹170, are not only a celebration of India's diverse culture but also an opportunity for you to showcase your unique style.

Craft something extraordinary with Fabcouture's Designer Embroidered Fabrics and be part of a tradition that transcends time. Let your creations speak of timeless elegance."

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