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Blush Color Milano Satin fabric
Fresh Lavender Color Milano Satin fabric
Wine Color Milano Satin fabric
Teal Blue Color Milano Satin fabric
Wild Lavender Color Milano Satin fabric
Mustard Color Milano Satin fabric
Gold Color Milano Satin fabric
Black Color Milano Satin fabric
Satin Pleated Fabric(50 Cm Piece)
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Beige Satin Pleated Fabric
Purple Satin Pleated Fabric
Move Satin Pleated Fabric
Black Satin Pleated Fabric
Teal Blue Satin Pleated Fabric
Green Satin Pleated Fabric

Satin Fabrics

Satin is a kind of weave which can be achieved with various kind of yarns. This weave is characteristic of a glossy top and a dull bottom. As such, satin is made in a variety of yarns like silk, polyester, linen blend, viscose blend and all.

It is considered to be the fabric with the richest texture and is loved by one and all. It is the most preferred choice for a bridal gown in close proximity to taffeta and it is also used for making items such as night wear, gowns, lingerie, tops, blouses, sarees along with accessories such as hair ties, scrunchies, and boxer shorts and neckties. Ballet pointe shoes are also made in satin. Satin has a big presence In the upholstery fabric as well and is commonly used for bes sheets and furnishing fabrics.

Just looking at the variety of forms that satin can be used it, you would be sure that there would be a variety of satin to combat each use. Traditionally, there have been satin like the charmeuse, duchess, sultan and barnette satins. Now, with textiles finding out new ways and, we have a whle new range of satins available in various blends. Fabcouture has a huge selection of Shamo satin, Japan satin, Modal satin, Polyester satin, Linen satin, Satin georgette, and Marina satin.