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SCF-84, Urban Estate -2, 125001 Hisar IN
SCF-84, Urban Estate -2, Hisar, IN
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Black Poly Raw Silk Digital Printed Fabric
Bangalori Print Embroidery (1.4 Meter cut piece)
10% OFF
Bangalori Print Embroidered Fabric
Bangalori Print Embroidery (1.2 Meter cut Piece )
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Poly Dupion Printed Kali
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Printed Poly Dupion

Poly dupion is a silk imitation fabric that is 100% polyester and 57/58" wide. This fabric is available at affordable prices with superior quality. Dupion fabric is made of plain woven silk fabric in the wrap and uneven yarns reeled from two to three entangled cocoons in the weft. It also creates from woven yardage with a high lustrous surface and crisp handle.

Dupion is found great for dresses, tops, pants, skirts, and jackets. It is found beautiful for children's clothing. formal wear made from it is dynamite. Dupion fabric is also found incredible for home decors like tablecloths, pillows, and draperies. Select the most loved Poly Dupion fabric from Fabcouture and create your favorite clothing.