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Sky Blue Color Quilted Taffeta fabric
Black Quilted Taffeta fabric
Yellow Polyster Raw Silk Quilted Fabric
Bottle Green Quilted Poly Raw Silk fabric
Orange Quilted Taffeta
White Color Quilted Taffeta fabric
Pink Color Quilted Tafta fabric
Taffeta fabric
Royal Blue Color Taffeta fabric
Taffeta fabric
Taffeta fabric
Taffeta fabric
Taffeta fabric
Taffeta fabric
Wine Color Taffeta fabric
Taffeta fabric

Taffeta Fabrics

Taffeta is the ultimate fabric for some special occasions like forming iconic ball and evening wear frequently used by iconic fashion designers such as Christian Dior and Coco Chanel. This shiny and crisp Taffeta fabric made from polyester, nylon, and silk makes an appealing and noticeable fabric and is considered an ideal fabric for fashion lovers.

Taffeta has a shiny and lustrous appearance and can vary in weight from light to medium according to the type of fabric and tightness of the fabric. Taffeta is used in creating beautiful curtains, evening gowns, corsets, lining jackets, and for parachutes. Also, wash it with cold water and use mild detergent for it. Don't twist or mesh the garments while washing and avoid sunlight after washing and dry in a well-ventilated area. For a wide range of Taffeta fabric, visit the Fabcouture website for colors, fabric, and prices.