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Brocades Fusion in Fashion

  • By Fab Couture
  • •  Oct 08, 2018

Brocades Fusion in Fashion


It’s raining brocades for a while now, you think? Well, they are here to stay definitely because of their uniqueness. Over the years, we have seen so many fabrics in the fashion industry and some are considered evergreen for many reasons and brocades, especially, can never go out of style!


They are raw, ethnic, patterned fabric which look great in any outfit. Going for bold colours or simple colours is a choice one has to make depending on the style and personality. Once you’re sure about what suits you the best, experimenting is not so hard at all, we promise.

That being said, have you considered fusion fashion using brocades? If it’s a no, now is the time to get going! If you’re unsure, we’re here for all your queries, ladies! So let’s get started, shall we?


  • Brocade jackets teamed with waist palazzo pants or the stretchy tuxedo trousers would bring panache to your look. ‘Why didn’t I think of it’ is on your mind right now, maybe. Well, they’re super unique and trendy when you can choose any brocade fabric of your choice and get a simple customised jacket for yourself; simple, bold and different! The style is here to stay so don’t be shy to wear it your next dinner party with friends.
  • Brocade dresses look fabulous on girls who like to stand out and shine bright! Yes, you heard that right- it’s for you if you like the attention you’re going to get with this one! It’s going to make you stand out, so brace yourself, girl! Make sure to wear a dress with a brocade fabric that offers some subtleness, something that’s bold yet lovely because a bright brocade fabric can be too much for a dress. Keep the rest of your look simple when you opt for a dress in brocade fabric.
  • Brocade tops look pretty with casual trousers and skirts. The look is a fusion of two different things and can be smart and colourful. Bold accessories will only enhance the look, so don’t hold back if you want to make a statement!
  • Brocade skirts are taking the fashion of 2018 by storm. We are talking about short skirts that look chic when teamed up with a casual top and maybe even a casual jacket! The entire outfit is classic so you can easily carry this one off without having to worry if it’s too much or too less.
  • Brocades in ethnic wear are not new to us. We have always included brocade blouses, lehengas and fabric in our Indian traditional wear.


Mixing and matching fabric can be quite a task for some of us but trying something new can be exciting. Guess what, Brocades are not limited to fusion fashion for women, but also presents exciting opportunities in fashion for men. Be it the Brocade Kurta or a Sherwani or a Jacket to team up and add a touch of ethnicity to your attire is the fashion tip to go for this festive season!


So the next time you want to include brocade fabric in your Indian ethnic wear, make sure to use different fabrics like velvets, chiffons and cottons with brocades. The key here is to include them in different ways instead of the usual ways which we come across so regularly!

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