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Black Wool Felt Fabric
Pink Wool Felt Fabric
Multi Color Tweed Wool Fabric
Multi Color Wool Fabric
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Multi Color Tweed Woolen Fabric

Winter Collection Woolen Fabrics

Wool particularly belongs to 'Sheep" hair and lots of producers use animal hair to make woolen fabric. Wool is known for its durability and its thermal insulating properties. Wool is used for industrial applications and outwear. Australia is the biggest wool producer in the world with a 25% market share and after it, China, the US, and Newzealand are among the other countries. The present woolen cost is about $19.60 per kilogram.

Different types of wool are Merino. cashmere, mohair, alpaca, virgin, angora, Vicuna, Llama, and Qivui. Since wool is a natural textile and lots of breeds of animals are fed for getting wool as raw material. Also, it does not have harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process making it ideal for woolen fabrics. Buy all types of wool variety at Fabcouture and feel hot this winter.