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Revolutionizing Textile Dyeing: The Benefits of Loop Dyeing | FabCouture

  • By FabCouture
  • •  Jan 27, 2023

Loop dyeing is a way of dyeing the fabric. This is a modern and widely used technology in which the yarn bath in a single dye instead of several baths. The machine used for it takes lesser space as compared to other dyeing method machines making it easier to use the rest of the space for other purposes. Loop dyeing was first introduced for dyeing denim and since then, it is used today for different dye fabrics around the world. Loop dyeing has lots of advantages that make it the most popular dyeing process in the textile industry There are lots of dyeable fabrics which are dyed by this technology and people can get fabulous printed fabric due to such dyeing technologies. 

This dyeing process requires less space as compared to other dyeing technologies. In this dyeing process, the yarn is dyed in a single bath as compared to several baths in other techniques. The desired color is obtained by passing the yarn from the vat several times. It includes running ropes of yarn through an indigo dye before releasing them into the factory’s roof to oxidize before returning them to the yarn bath. It is very much similar to slasher dyeing. To get the deeper shades, the sheet is dipped 3-4 times in the same dye bath.

List of machinery used in loop dyeing

The loop dyeing technique was developed by Echardt Godau in his company Looptex. The process is under the license of other companies such as Texima SA and Kusters Zima corporation which market their products under the loopdye brand name. For a compact layout, the machine is functioning with Looptex technology Nitrogen Indigo Dyeing Reactor. It can produce different color shades such as topping and sulfur bottoming. According to the company, thanks to the nitrogen atmosphere and the reduced lengths, loopdye can dye in half of the space with the machine and obtain better color shades with very good color fastness. The short layout of the machine allows for reducing water, hydrosulfite, and energy consumption. The company also claims that the machine is the cheapest in its category and simplest which enables it to operate by small skilled employees.

Advantages of Loop Dyeing Technology

Loop dyeing technology was a great innovation and addressed and fix some problems of dyeing fabric faced by earlier processes like slasher dyeing and rope dyeing. So, let's have a look at its advantages:

Lower space requirement

Every factory requires much space for production work.  If you can have machinery which is smaller yet delivers the same kind of results, it is an excellent benefit for your company. Loop machines can do this for your garment production. It is considerably smaller in shape as compared to slasher and rope dyeing technology machines and saves a lot of your factory space. 

Lower Dyeing cost For Continuous Indigo Dyeing

When you choose a machine that can loop itself with no extra effort, it can simply help you in reducing your production cost and is found best for utilization of the machine to its fullest strength. It is more valuable for the factories that use indigo dyeing. So, this technology not saves space but also reduces the cost for the manufacturer. 

Loop Dyeing is Quicker comparatively

The loop dyeing process has a shorter span for dipping and skying which makes it a more efficient dying solution for various types of fabric and especially great for denim. The fast dyeing process ensures that you can use the machine output to the fullest, allowing you to increase overall factory output keeping production costs in control.

Low investment cost

Due to the advanced technology and less space needed for the machine, loop dyeing technology does not need heavy investment and can install at a lower cost. Some other dyeing machines requires heavy investment and are also not as much productive as compared to loop dyeing machine.

Lower energy cost

The energy cost and maintenance costs of the loop dyeing machines are also lower as compared to slasher dyeing and rope dyeing technology. With large production, you also save the cost of production. So, if you are considering dyeing, think about loop dyeing technology.


So, these are some of the benefits of loop dyeing technology. This is one of the most loved dyeing techniques and becoming popular day by day. You can see various artwork made from this technique online and can make up your mind to start your garment business with this technique.

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