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Unleashing the Beauty of Ethnic Fashion: The Perfect Fabrics for Summer

  • By FabCouture
  • •  Jan 20, 2023

The summer season is about to come. We cannot help but dream about sunkissed selfies and white sand beaches. We know that some of you might be planning for your dream vacation this season. Even if you are not going to any popular destination, you can still flaunt your summer dresses and can get the desired look this summer. Don't be shy to try the summer gear and make your style statement.

Try Cotton This Summer To Look Cool

When we talk about different fabrics and look for buying, how can we forget the cotton print fabric which has qualities to keep you cool this summer? You must have seen that your mother looks for cool fabric the time warmer days start. Your father looks for satin shirts designed for men for his office attire. One of the most popular reasons for choosing cotton is that it is airy and flows between yarns of the fabric and keeps you cool. So, when your body starts sweating, your cotton clothes' moisture-wicking quality keeps you dry, and it is considered the most comfortable fabric for hot summer days.

Care tips for cotton

  • Cotton fabric shrinks after the wash and you should hang dry it and leave it in the machine for hours. Find a sunny spot and do follow the tricks. 
  • Always use cold water to wash it and use mild detergent for it
  • Stretch your tees, trousers, and top while washing them to get them back in shape. Instead of a skinny fit, buy a comfortable fit to get the fit after washing and drying. You should also know the right temperature of your ironing machine to save it from burning during ironing time.

Linen Should Rule Your Wardrobe

Linen is a sustainable fabric that we should add to our wardrobe. It is one of the most loved fabrics in summer. Linen is a bit more expensive fabric than cotton. This is the fabric that is known for its versatile and minimalistic appeal. It is made from flax fibers and is quite airy like cotton making it super comfortable and breathable for higher temperatures. The best part about Linen is that it does not stick to the skin and is quite popular in humid areas and supports best to the skin. You won't feel sweaty with this fabric because it absorbs sweat and you will not face clamminess of any kind. 

Care Tips For Linen

  • Always wash linen in cold or lukewarm water and don't use fabric softeners for washing linen before a few washes to save the fabric. You can tumble dry the linen and take it out from the machine when it is a bit damp to air dry it and avoid stiffening and crumbling.
  • It is recommended not to iron the linen and it automatically straightens itself out.
  • Store the linen in a cool and dry place.

Chambray Is The New Denim

chambray fabric kurti

Even your jeans cannot help you from sweating on hot summer days. You might start itching or feel uncomfortable within seconds. And even several trips to the bathroom will not be helpful to you. Denim is one of the worst fabrics to wear during summer days. But don’t give up your dreams because of denim we are introducing chambray fabric which is a lookalike of denim and will revolutionize your summer wardrobe. It is not just comfortable but also a versatile fabric. Whether you are looking for a shirt or pants, chambray should be your choice. 

Care Tips For Chambray

  • A lesser-known fact is that chambray is a cotton fabric and shrinkage is inevitable to prevent this, tumble dry it. 
  • As the fabric wrinkles due to fine weave, set your iron to ‘cotton’ for best results for creases and steam ironing is another great option.
  • Add fabric softeners and fragrances while washing it but chambray soften up and also releases fragrance. 

Rayon: The Fabric Of Victory

rayon fabric kurti

A general rule of thumb for the summer season is to opt for natural fabrics instead of man-made fabrics. When you have to choose from various fabrics, choose the one that is comfortable in summer and Rayon should be your choice. Silk print fabric is quite expensive but rayon won’t make a hole in your wallet. It is not flowy like silk but can surely be draped. Depending on different blends of rayon with other fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, etc.

Care Tips for Rayon

  • Rayon might be chosen for the summer but is not much durable and should be carefully washed. Laundry should be done properly otherwise it can develop holes. Try to wash it with your hands instead in your machine. It can also bleed color, so better wash it alone.
  • Since rayon is a blended fabric and you should check the care tag of it for getting the best results because one size does not fit all won’t help you for this. So take care of the fabric while washing.

Decision time

Summer fabrics should be chosen carefully and natural fabrics are found better for your skin and health. Synthetic fibers like rayon and linen are also good for the skin but cotton and silk are the most preferred fabric by people. Choose the best fabric as per your weather conditions.

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